Goodbye to a Friend

Torrential rain came unexpectedly, halfhearted picnickers scattered and fled and the days’ transgressions were washed away with them.

As suddenly as the downpour began it surprisingly vacated the riverside park heading east, leaving the canyon clean and pure.

Left alone to accomplish our goal of saying goodbye, we knew the anomalous storm was work of the divine.

With a tear and quiet contemplation we released her into the gentle breeze knowing this was meant to be.

Right on cue from the corner of our eye we saw the black bear playfully run across the park; where moments before children ran in much the same way.

A Bear? Could it be? Were my eyes playing tricks on me?

The surrealistic day seemed much like a dream, but reality of the situation kicked in, so did the primal instinct to run!

But run? Do we dare?

To become prey to predator is that what life has become?

Lucky for us the bear didn’t care and he went about his business then ran up the hill, ignoring us like we weren’t even there. Leaving us to say goodbye to a newly closed chapter in life and attempting to learn how to welcome the turning of a new page.

The storms of life will come and chase us away from beauty soon to come. Threats that aren’t there will keep us running from a life meant to live.

In life and in death we learn that most dangers are only perceived from our limited view of the world.

My friends, now is time to say goodbye to that comfortable friend that has grown from a diet of fear, doubt and loneliness.

It is time to stop running and stand firm embracing this moment we are in right now.

Peace will only become a regular companion when we begin feasting on the love and acceptance that only we can give ourselves. This is a lesson in life and death is trying to teach us, but only when we learn and understand it will be able to share true love with those around us.