Guest Article: A Community of Nomads

We’ve been living on the road full time in our truck camper now for six months and we absolutely love the freedom of being location independent and all the time we have to do fun things outside.  When Annie’s dad passed away suddenly a year and half ago, we realized how short life can be and decided to sell our house (and most of our “stuff”) and quit our jobs to travel for a year.  We’ve hiked and camped our way across the west and learned to stand up paddleboard and rock climb along the journey.  We’ve improved our photography skills and captured some amazing experiences; memories that will last a lifetime.  Yet the best part of full time travel is meeting others and making new and lasting friendships that otherwise would never have been made.  

When we embarked on this journey, we were afraid of being lonely. Sometimes full time travel can feel isolating, but we’ve found community in fellow travelers.  The internet plays a large part in this, but as we venture farther from home, we realize there are actually quite a lot of people leading the nomadic lifestyle. Our paths with kindred spirits cross easily and often at trailhead parking lots, campgrounds, rock walls, REI stores, and along the coast.

We have made new friends both young and old, single and coupled, rich and poor.  We’ve visited with folks in tear drop trailers, built-out vans, backs of pickup trucks, class A RVs, Earth Roamers, tents, and trailers and yet we all share in common the belief that we are not wasting a second of our lives. We all love pursuing simpler, experience-driven, get-outside-and-play lifestyles.  It doesn’t matter what you live in or your preferred mode of transportation, what matters is that you are a decent human being: kind, respectful of nature, and friendly.  If that sounds like you, we’ll gladly share a campsite and a beer or coffee with you and be your belaying partner when we meet along the road!

Safe travels,
Annie & Luke Perkins

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