Need to Reset Your Priorities? Visit the Noblest of the Noble Race!

“Between the heavy pine and silver fir zones towers the Big Tree (Sequoia gigantea), the king of all the conifers in the world, the noblest of the noble race.” – John Muir

“The noblest of the noble race.”
WOW, the strength and power that those simple words command give me goose bumps as I recall the feeling of walking at the feet of these giants! There simply is no picture or words that can deliver the full sense of nobility that these trees instill upon ones heart until you actually stand among them.

My hope is that all of you get the opportunity to visit and bask in the shadows of the diminishing giant Sequoia groves of California.

A Walk Among Giants!

Time slows and miles stretch when you find yourself walking among the giants.

Strained eyes try to reach for the top but soon learn those mysteries are saved for the heavens alone.

For thousands of years the noblest of them have survived deluge and drought.

Kingdoms have risen and empires collapsed, while the mighty Sequoia stands true in witness of it all.

It is a true blessing to walk where awe meets humility and priorities are re-imagined as your life takes on new meaning as long as you are willing to pause and soak in the wonder that is the Mighty Sequoia!